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we at Apartment Mover Guys always encourage our customers to hire apartment movers so that to have their goods transported to their houses in very good conditions and incase anything is spoilt, apartment movers always get a way to fix the problem.when you hire us you will also save a lot of money and time. The best thing about hiring apartment movers is that we Apartment Mover Guys can do several tasks when moving your property; Pack your stuff, haul it to the truck, drive it to your new place and unload the truck for you. The only thing you need to worry about is the cost.


The cost

The cost of hiring apartment movers mainly depends on the amount of things you want moved, how far the goods are being taken, the value of the goods being transported and time of moving. We at Apartment Mover Guys always ensure we charge very fair and customer friendly rates. The more the goods we are moving for you the more the money you pay. Distance and value of good s also affect how much a customer pays for moving, ifthe good are being transported to a far place and also they are of very high value then the cost of transportation will be a bit higher and vice versa. It would be nice to tell you one figure that you can expect to pay when you hire movers. But it’s not that simple. The amount you pay depends on a lot of things, how much stuff you have, how far away you’re moving and how much you want the movers to do for you.


The cheaper moving options

At Apartment Mover Guys we also have some cheaper options where a client opts to rent a truck separately and hire movers to pack and load the stuff into the truck.Customers can also use their personal vans or trucks but they will just hire our staff for packaging and loading which is a very important part to ensure that the good being transported get to their destination in the best condition. We also have a cheaper package where buy we offer our movers and trucks for a three hours maximum and clients pay a discounted rate. As far as the movers are concerned, with this plan, it doesn’t matter how far away you’re moving. How much you pay for mileage depends on the truck you rent separately.

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In addition to the hourly rates, we do typically have a flat-rate truck-and-travel fee that covers the cost for the crew to travel to and from the job sites. The truck-and-travel fee includes all necessary standard equipment such as floor dollies, handcarts, tools and property protection.

Because we are located indifferent areas, our rates will vary slightly by market since labor costs and associated state regulations influence the costs of doing business in each market. Apartment Mover Guys also offersthe full service moving packages that take care of all moving tasks, ourcompany provides the truck, packs all your belongings, loads the truck, drives it to the new home and unloads it.Wealways get a binding quote for the customers before booking this service, and the exact cost depends on mileage and how long the company estimates it will take the movers to pack and move your stuff.to determine how much Apartment Mover Guys will charge you for the service we come to your place and assess the amount of stuff you have. That will determine how much time they’ll need to pack and move all of it. Then the company will take into consideration how far away you’re moving in order to determine how much to charge for mileage.

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